Management of rented property

Every owner has a right to live without administrative troubles.

Untitled-6Icon1Preparing object for rent
A tenant moved out and the property has to be prepared for new residents? We will do everything for you!

Untitled-6Icon-2Monthly visits
Want to be sure that residents are using your property properly? We will control this periodically.

Untitled-6Icon-3Monthly payments control

Want to be guaranteed that tenants are not late to pay the bills and be protected from other uncertainties? Let us take care of everything.

Untitled-6Icon-4Calculation of utility bills

Don`t want to waste time calculating bills for electricity, water and other utilities? Got tired of checking utility meters? We like this job and we will do it for you.

Operation and maintainance of property

We supervise your property as if it was ours.

Untitled-6Icon-5All cleaning services
We ensure a periodical or occasional cleaning of your accommodation.

Untitled-6Icon-6Household alpliance repair
Home appliances and other things usually get out of order at worst time possible – we will repair them

quickly and efficiently.

Untitled-6Icon-7Minor repairs
Relax and let our professionals paint your walls or replace the tiles.

Untitled-6Icon-8Purchase of furniture or household appliances

Finding suitable furniture, household appliances or necessary details and installing them can be frustrating. We can help you!